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You will notice from first introduction my enthusiastic hello gives a bubbly energy to your visit. I love to give a positive vibe in conversation. My favorite topics are vacations, movies and Disney World. 


When I have a weekend off my husband and I love to hike, explore and check out new quaint towns. When I'm at home I'm a Hart of Dixie kind of girl. Yes I watched all seasons 3 times. Good clean fun is me.

                    Would love to meet you.


                           Gina Pappas

 Gen X's, looking for someone who doesn't think you should have short hair?

Gentlemen, not into mullets, mohawks or manbun?


While I don't do pixies, stacks and chin length bobs, I am super focused on where I excel and what I love the most. I create seamless, bouncy, soft blended layers. Think fun and flirtatious. Finished off with a blowout that will last for days. 

My analytical mind sets a high performance standard in my cutting. This transfers to my male guests to provide a crisp, clean, finished look. 






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